About Us

Weideng Industrial was founded in 1996 as a professional company for lubrication and maintenance. It also provides a series of industrial equipment lubrication and maintenance services and develops special-purpose oil products for customers.

Weideng Agent Europe, the United States and Japan oil products, can meet the different clean room environment to provide the most suitable clean room grease, whether it is semiconductor factories, the electronics industry, precision machinery, optical printing or aerospace technology, can be targeted at the customer's environment And demand, provide the most cost-effective and safe oil products. Weiden's fluorinated oils are highly evaluated. In addition to better corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance than ordinary oils, they also have excellent temperature dependence, extremely low oil separation, and extremely low Surface tension, long life lubrication.

Weidang Industrial Service Area includes more than 500 technology manufacturers in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. It also provides free oil lubrication education and training for major companies, diagnostics and integration of lubrication products at the production line, and assistance in oil inspection and analysis. Welton's expertise, experience and quality are your trusted partners.

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