How to select grease

How to choose the right grease or compound?

Choice is the most appropriate type of grease depending on the knowledge and understanding of the grease. The more information you have, the easier it will be to determine the correct product. The following are the elements that must be understood to select the best product:

  1. What are the items that need lubrication or protection? Ball or roller bearings..............etc.
  2. What is the material that needs lubrication or protection? Steel, rubber, plastic? Explicitly said: stainless steel, neoprene (a synthetic rubber), polycarbonate (polycarbonate)....etc.
  3. What is the RPM of this item?
  4. What is the load on the bearing surface or parts?
  5. What is the temperature limit when used? (including the highest and lowest temperature). Is the operating temperature different from the ambient temperature?
  6. Is there a hot or cold flow (air or water) around the lubricated object?
  7. Can the lubricated object be relubricated or just permanently lubricated?
  8. What is the surrounding condition of the lubricated objects? Are there corrosive chemicals? Cause oxidation? water? Steam? Solvent? Or radiation? Vacuum?......etc.