Clean room grade zone grading

The selection of clean room oil products is a specialized knowledge that involves many complex factors that must be fully considered before making correct judgments. Therefore, we must first understand the level of the clean room (Note 1), and then use the equipment to select the appropriate oil products, but also must meet the cost and absolute safety. Weideng Industrial categorizes the following cleanroom grades for various processes in different industries. You are welcome to contact us. We can recommend the best oil products for your customers' environment and needs.

Note 1: Clean room rating

classification Process object Cleanliness level
Semiconductor factory      Crystallization refining 1,000~10,000
Wafer Manufacturing 10~10,000
Diffusion 10~100
Wafer surface treatment  10~1,000
Lithography  10~100
Chip Manufacturing 10~1,000
Assembly, inspection 100~100,000
Storage of semi-finished products 10,000~100,000
Electronic industry   Large drums, tapes 100~1,000
The Shade mask 100~10,000
Reliable Tube 100~1,000
LCD factory 1,000~100,000
Precision measuring instruments 1,000~100,000
Precision machinery  Miniature Bearing 100~1,000
Watches, measuring instruments 1,000~100,000
The High reliability parts and devices 100~100,000
Optical ‧Printing LENS (grinding, laminating) 100~100,000
Film, printing plate 100~10,000
LSI mask 10~100
Ultra-precision printing 100~10,000
Aerospace Technology ‧Others    Gyroscope 100~1,000
Satellite Parts 1,000~10,000
Radar transmitter 10~1,000
Packaging materials, containers 100~100,000