High vacuum lubricants

It is a unique technology developed for the lubrication of various small industrial parts.

Liquid coating agent

Simple spray technology can be used to cover a large number of small parts and can be 100% applied to the surface of the part to provide a uniform and durable low friction lubricant film.

Micro-film impregnation technology

Provides a clean and simple lubrication method for industrial use. It replaces the traditional waste of time and gives oil to the house. It also differs from traditional dry lubrication film approval. This product's fluorinated polymer liquid can provide automatic repair and ultra-long-lasting. Lubrication coating film life.

Use mechanical parts

O-rings, sealers, metal buckles, bushings, gaskets, valve bearings, gears, pivots, levers, linkages, connectors, magazine clips, hinges, inverters, pacers, buckets, covers , switch controllers, connectors, and other electronic components.