YAMABALA Chain oil/chain oil


model temperature package characteristic
Sato high-temperature chain oil -20~250℃ 1L/4L/20L SMT High Temperature Reflow Furnace Superior Chain Oil Than HT-300
HT-450 High temperature chain oil 180℃~450℃ 4KG/barrel Special molybdenum disulfide additive, solar plant special high temperature equipment chain oil.
HT-270 High temperature chain oil -20℃~250℃ 18.9L/barrel Textile printing and dyeing factory high temperature setting machine chain oil
DRY MOLY SPARY Dry chain oil spray can -20~450℃ 400ml/tank*12 Dry chain oil molybdenum disulfide spray cans Excellent anti-abrasive properties without dripping. Used in textile dyeing and finishing plant chains.
KSP-1547 Wet high temperature chain oil spray cans -30~280℃ 450ml/tank*12 Excellent wet chain oil permeability SMT. Textile setting machine chain oil.
SUPERLUBE OIL  Food grade high temperature chain oil -40~260℃ 7ml/1qt/1gar  5gar Food equipment and equipment production chain oil H1 certification. Food processing plants.
HT-300 High temperature chain oil -30~280℃ 1L/4L/17L SMT reflow furnace dedicated chain oil, very low carbon deposition. Evaporation is not pungent. Polyester synthetic oil has a clean chain oil effect.
Teflon plus Dry chain oil -30~280℃ 2OZ/9OZ/1L Dry PTFE chain oil. Suitable for plastic chains. Clean room environment.
WAX LUBE Wax chain oil   2oz/4oz Special waxes and other ingredients make wax lubricants smoother, quieter and more durable. Forms a layer of wax on the part, completely free from grease and dirt that can absorb dust and dirt. Use in a dust environment Effective protection of the chain will not cause the chain oil to become stuck due to accumulation of dust.
Fluorine chain oil FBI 300 -30~300℃ 100g/1kg/250g Spray Can For high vacuum wafers. TFTLCD low dust. High vacuum chain oil.