Product declaration
  FOMBLIN® grease is a white grease with outstanding resistance to oxidation and chemical resistance. It is completely compatible with glass, metal, rubber elastomers, plastics, and ceramics. Even if the difference between high and low temperatures is large, it will not change it. nature. FOMBLIN® grease can be operated in water, oil, vapor, and general organic compounds and solvents without the phenomenon of hydrolysis, corrosion, dissolution or changes in its properties and good resistance to vibration corrosion.
Fomblin® Y Series

  Fomblin Y series is a general-purpose specification, mainly used under harsh conditions of high temperature, high load, but also the lubricating oil and the base oil as a fluoro oil. In the field of network communications, there are good lubricity, water repellency, oil repellency, and softness, and long-term performance in related electronic components. New applications have been under development.

This Fomblin Y type has the following features:

  • Molecular weight
  • Low flow point
  • Low viscosity change at high temperatures (high viscosity index)
  • Low vapor pressure
  • Low evaporation rate
  • Excellent lubricity
Fomblin® W Series

  Fomblin W series is compared with Y series, with low viscosity; high viscosity index, low pour point, although the above conditions of Fomblin M and Z type will be better than W series, but the popularity of Fomblin W series will be better than M and Z series, especially in the use of automatic vehicles and various electronic products, W series will have lower temperature and lower torque environment than Y series.

Fomblin® M Series

  The Fomblin M type and Z type have the same straight-locked structure, and the Fomblin Y type has more carbon and oxygen binding at the side, and therefore has a more flexible structure.

Fomblin® Z Series

  Fomblin Z type is used for hard disk surface lubricants as a single molecule lubrication layer on hard disks and is widely used in special products in outer space (cosmic), aviation, and various high and low temperature environments.


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