Assembly and disassembly tool kit MK10-30

Multifunctional toolbox, easy to install and remove bearings, simatool launched the bearing assembly and disassembly toolbox MK10-30 is equipped with a total of 50 components, is a combination of ball bearing puller and installation tools, the box with the use of selection tables and Operating instructions, especially for the use of small and medium-sized bearings, the use of simple and easy to understand, can refer to the box inside the guidelines.

Installation: Bearing Installation Tool

  • Applicable bearing inner diameter: 10-30mm
  • 21 shock-absorbing washers, 2 impingement sleeves, 1 anti-rebound hammer
  • The shock-absorbing gasket is made of acetal engineering plastic with excellent shock-absorbing effect and high mechanical strength.
  • Anti-rebound hammer double nylon fiberglass handle for operator convenience

Disassembly: Ball Bearing Rama

  • Applicable bearing inner diameter: 10-85mm
  • Includes 1 set of reverse slide hammer, 2 sets of support screw, 5 sets of puller pawls, 7 support hollow shaft washers
  • All puller paws clearly identify the matching size
  • All puller claws are made of high quality special steel